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Are you bothered by excess pockets of fat underneath your chin?  Perhaps the fullness makes you look older than you feel and you wish for a more sculpted jaw-line.  The profile you desire could be achieved with a non-surgical procedure whether it’s age, weight or genetics that is contributing to your double chin.

BELKYRA™ can redefine your jawline by reducing the layer of fat under your chin without having to go under the knife. It works by destroying the fat cells under your chin, leaving your skin substantially tighter and your jaw more contoured.

Starts at $300
15-30 minutes
10-14 days
6-8 weeks

Eliminate fat with a naturally occurring substance  

BELKYRA™ is the synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a fat-absorbing substance found in your body naturally. When precisely injected into the area, a process of fat cell elimination commences. The fat that is destroyed is naturally eliminated ,as waste, from your body. As fat cells do not regenerate once destroyed, your result is for good  as long as you do not gain significant weight. The reason for this is that the existing fat cells can enlarge and shrink depending on weight fluctuations.

Results depend on the injection technique and precision

Skill and expertise are important in achieving your desired result as mastery of the precise anatomy and underlying structures of your jaw-line is crucial knowledge. Proper assessment, the technique of injecting as well as the accurate amount of the fat-dissolving substance used are all factors influencing your outcome. When done by the hands of an experienced specialist and when correctly customized to you, the treatments are successful. Hence, Belkyra™ injections are carried out by surgical Dermatologist Manish Khanna, MD FRCPC. Who better to trust with redefining your profile?

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