Chemical peels

  • Investment:
    Starts at $225/treatment
  • Duration of treatment:
    30 minutes
  • Recovery:
    0 - 5 days
  • Interval:
    2 - 4 weeks
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Revitalize and refresh your appearance !

Many women and men notice signs of premature skin aging such as dull and uneven skin tone, rough skin, large pores and pigmentation irregularities caused by environmental damage. A medical-grade chemical peel could be your treatment choice.

Chemical peels can be defined as an accelerated form of exfoliation induced by a chemical agent. It is a safe and common practice in a physician’s clinic. A chemical peel creates different types of changes in the skin, depending on peel depth.

Chemical Peels at PEAU

Chemical peels are performed by trained, skilled peel specialists who follow strict protocols to ensure safety and efficacy. As we have very sophisticated laser technology, we restrict the depth of our peels and prefer to replace deep peels with our non-ablative and ablative laser resurfacing technology.


Before and After Chemical Peel Treatment*

Chemical peels typically have different active ingredients and strengths. They are used to:

  • Balance greasy / acne-prone skin
  • Shrink enlarged pores
  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Reduce fine wrinkles
  • Dull complexion,
  • Improve epidermal stimulation
  • Lighten the skin

Zero-to-minimal impact on your daily routine

chemical-peel-logoDepending on your skin concerns and goals, you may be recommended a peel that has the benefits of no ‘downtime’ or you may have a protocol that involves slight peeling or flaking of the skin.

*These photos are provided for informative purposes and are not a guarantee of the result.

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