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Regain a youthful complexion

You may notice signs of premature skin aging such as dull and uneven skin tone, rough skin, large pores and irregular pigmentation. Further, depending on the exposure you have has to environmental pollutants you may find that the glow or radiance you used to give off is reduced and you skin is not so soft to the touch. This is called accelerated aging and the number one cause is UV radiation from the sun.

A medical-grade chemical peel could be an option for you to invigorate your skin for a healthier, more vibrant complexion.

Starts $225
30 minutes
None to 3 days
2-4 weeks

Safe and effective gentle exfoliation

Chemical peels are an accelerated form of exfoliation induced by a chemical agent. A chemical peel creates different types of changes in the skin depending on factors such as the type of chemical agent, the protocol used (i.e., the amount of time the agent is left on, the strength of the peel)  as well as the post peel steps used to boost your results.  Essentially, we would layer active ingredients over the chemical peel to enhance the benefits and amplify the cosmetic changes to your skin.

Multiple skin goals can be achieved

Chemical peels typically have different active ingredients and strengths to target several types of skin challenges. As with all aesthetic services, the most important consideration is the level of experience and skill of the person carrying out your treatment. Chemical peels improve epidermal stimulation, balance greasy/acne prone skin, revive dull complexions and lighten skin, improve melasma and other irregular pigment as well such as the pigment caused by post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The great thing about peels is that they can be done in combination, on the same day, with other procedures such as Broad Band Light™ or Laser Genesis to give a boost to your overall facial rejuvenation.

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