Before and After Fraxel Treatment*

Typically, our face is our primary concern when it comes to rejuvenation as it is what we focus on most when we look in the mirror or when interacting with others.

However, many people (primarily women) wish for a younger- looking décolleté (chest area).


Before and After Treatment*

You may have visible signs of sun damage, such as sun spots, crepey skin and redness or you may simply have fine wrinkling and thinner skin as a result of natural aging.

Regardless, we have a range of proven, state-of-the-art technology to address your décolleté concerns.


BBL “Forever Young” – Fraxel® re:store

For sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

 Fraxel re:store and Broad Band Light (BBL) are both effective skin rejuvenation procedures that can erase the imperfections and pigmented irregularities and leave you with a healthier-looking, smoother, more even décolleté.

The Fraxel® laser resurfacing technology requires a little more recovery time and fewer treatments whereas the BBL involves more treatments with less healing time.

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 Fraxel® re:storeBBL “Forever Young’


Exilis Elite*

Exilis Elite ™ 

For firmer skin.

The Exilis Elite™ is the most powerful radiofrequency device available today. It is a new advancement in skin tightening that precisely heats the layers in the skin in order to stimulate new collagen formation.

The treatments are comfortable, the sensation is similar to a hot-stone massage, and require no downtime.

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VBEAM® Perfecta – Excel V

For redness.

Over-exposed (to the sun) skin can cause diffuse redness and flushing in the décolleté area.

We have two of the most sophisticated systems, the Vbeam Perfecta and the Excel V, that have proven to be safe and effective in treating this unsightly redness.

Selecting the appropriate energies for your specific concerns, a task carried out by Dr. Khanna, is key to achieving consistent results.

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VBEAM Perfecta Excel V

*These photos are provided for informative purposes and are not a guarantee of the result.

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