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    $1,500 to $4,500 per area
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PEAU is the first CoolSculpting® and Vanquish™ clinic in Montreal.

Have you been working hard at getting your body into shape?
Trying to find a way to quickly get rid of unwanted fat without surgery?

We provide a treatment option that is exactly right for you. There are no tricks or gimmicks here. Both our CoolSculpting® and Vanquish® treatments use technologies that are safe and proven. There is no need to go yet another year forcing your body to do what it needs help to do. Give us a call and we will be happy to answer your questions to get you into the body you’ve always wanted.

Coolsculpting before after

CoolSculpting® PLUS*

CoolSculpting® PLUS with Zwave®

CoolSculpting® treats stubborn areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise by selectively targetting and destroying unwanted fat cells.

This popular treatment is particularly well-suited for people who are already close to their ideal weight and can be used anywhere on the body.


Coolsculpting before After

CoolSculpting® PLUS*

Vanquish ME™ PLUS with Zwave®

Vanquish ME™ slims down your waistline and thighs without downtime or surgery. By using radio-frequency energy to heat fat cells, it destroys them without harming the surrounding skin or muscle.

This option is ideal for people with a higher BMI and is more of a holistic treatment in that it generates a global reduction of fat.

coolsculpting before after

CoolSculpting® PLUS*

Why use Zwave®?

Zwave® utilizes a form of energy to more effectively disrupt the fat cells immediately following a Vanquish® treatment.

When combined with Zwave®, CoolSculpting® and Vanquish™ provide:

  • Better results – up to 60% better
  • Faster results – up to twice as fast
  • Increased comfort
  • Reduced swelling
  • Faster healing

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*These photos are provided for informative purposes and are not a guarantee of the result.

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