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Build your gluteus mucsles for more lifted and shapely buttocks

When you turn to look at your backside in the mirror do you wish your buttocks were more lifted? Fuller? More shapely? Instead of trying to find the right jeans that make your but look better, now you can make the jeans look better with your butt.  How? With Emsculpt®.

EmSculpt® offers you the world’s first non-surgical buttock augmentation and lifting procedure. It strengthens, tones and firms your gluteus muscles without any effort on your part. As it involves no surgery, needles or injections you can be assured that there are zero risks as compared to going under the knife and potentially dealing with uneven buttocks, lumpy results or complications.

per treatment
45 minutes
2 – 3 days

How your buttocks improve in shape, tone and fullness.

In a nutshell, Emsculpt® uses HIFEM® (High Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic) energy to cause intense contractions to your gluteus muscles. Unlike normal voluntary contractions, EmSculpt® generates a muscle response that doesn’t allow for a relaxation phase. These are called “supramaximal” contractions and you can’t even replicate these with squats or lunges. You essentially generate 20,000 forced muscle contractions in 30 minutes, constricting the muscles beyond any sort of physiological norm. Can you imagine doing 20,000 perfect squats that engage your muscles one hundred percent of the time without taking a break?  It’s impossible to replicate.

When your gluteus muscles are exposed to these “forced” contractions the muscles responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure. Specifically, there is growth of your existing muscle and creation of new muscle fibers. This translates into a risk-free solution for you to have a curvier, more shapely butt that defies gravity.

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