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Glowing, vibrant skin is simple with Laser Genesis

Your skin is a little rough to the touch and possibly uneven due to a general appearance of redness. Large pores, fine lines or mild acne scarring could be contributing to the textural irregularities you feel (and see) when you stroke your face.

Both natural skin aging and environmental skin aging impact the appearance and health of your skin because your skin cells stop functioning as they used to. In order to reverse these aging processes, your skin needs a little help. Laser Genesis can effectively improve your skin’s condition and restore your youthful and healthy appearance. 

Starts at $400
45 minutes
2 weeks

A gentle approach to reversing your skin’s age

Laser Genesis is a natural way for you to reverse imperfections and premature skin aging. It is a gentle treatment that feels like warm water droplets on your skin. It truly is incredible that such a relaxing treatment can transform your skin’s texture and appearance.

Essentially, the laser energy stimulates the natural regeneration processes resulting in the creation of new collagen. Your skin cells start to change the way they behave and you start to notice cosmetic changes that result in smoother, softer skin and an overall healthy glow.

Restore healthy skin without any downtime

Laser Genesis offers you the opportunity to improve your appearance, in a natural way, without having to plan time away from your busy schedule.  It combines the best of both worlds by providing results that previously could only be achieved through more aggressive treatments and zero interruptions to your daily life.

Call 514-989-7328 to schedule your consultation so you can reverse the premature aging process and reclaim your skin’s radiance and youthfulness.

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We make sure to clearly understand your desires. In this way, we can use our professional experience to choose the best treatment for you. You are unique, and we tailor our advice accordingly.