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Fuller and more youthful lips are a desirable trait and one of the most sensual aspects of your body. What’s critical is that they are very natural-looking, balanced and proportionate to your other facial features.

Why have lip enhancement?

To restore lost volume, achieve a more sensuous look, have more balance to the lips or correct shape/unevenness.

Temporary hyaluronic acid fillers are the best way to achieve fuller more youthful lips as they are not permanent and as you age and your goals change, the approach can be personalized.

The success of your treatment will depend on the injection technique and a keen understanding of the anatomy of the “perfect lip”, the ideal ratio of the upper and lower lips, and the symmetry required to provide natural results.

Dr. Khanna understands the hesitation to seek such treatments for fear of looking fake or unnatural. Be assured. Natural-looking results are the ones that are the least detectable and so go unnoticed. They enhance your appearance, not change it.

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