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Use light to look younger and livelier

Your skin is uneven and dull – from what it was in your younger days. It’s not glowing or giving off the radiance it used to. The truth is, at a certain point, it’s up to you to regain your youthful appearance both because of internal (natural) aging and external (environmental) aging.

Because of these aging processes, your skin cells stop functioning as they used to, which impacts your skin. The cosmetic changes you are experiencing can be reversed with Broad Band Light (BBL) by Sciton.  BBL has the potential to quite literally transform the way your skin cells function by making them “younger”.

Starts at $400
1 hour
3 – 4 weeks

The fountain of youth has never been this close

Your skin is an organ, just like your heart, lungs and liver. If you could reverse the age of your organs’ cells and make them healthier and younger, wouldn’t you?

Broad Band Light actually influences your skin’s gene expression. A 2013 Stanford University study demonstrated that hundreds of genes associated with youthful skin were activated by BBL while others associated with aging were turned off. BBL was found to cause skin cells to actually become younger.  So instead of a fountain, you receive pulses of light that pass through your skin to improve your complexion and reverse the cosmetic changes of your skin.

Look younger without downtime

Most people like you are looking for a solution to help them look younger, in a natural way, without having to take time away from their busy schedules. That is why Broad Band Light is so popular. Its no-downtime feature coupled with its visible results make it the ideal rejuvenation treatment. Broad Band Light, in the right hands, has the potential to correct your imperfections, maintain healthy skin, and delay the signs of aging. It is the best workout your skin can hope for.

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