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A Revolutionary approach to Clearer, Even-toned Skin

Irregular pigmentation, unevenness in skin tone and a blotchy complexion are not so desirable as they are a sign of unhealthy and aged skin. These benign pigmented lesions can be the result of environmental factors, such as ultraviolet light from sun exposure, which accelerate your skin aging process by causing thousands of cellular DNA alterations. This results in erratic melanocyte activity which manifests as pigmented spots or lesions on the areas of your body most exposed such as your face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Fotona’s Starwalker Q-Switched laser technology in combination with a skilled approach and expertise provide the pathway to successfully achieving glowing, radiant and healthy-looking skin.

Starts at $450
15-60 minutes
1-6 days
4-6 week intervals
(Minimum of 6 sessions)

Precise, Gentle and Rapid Recovery 

The Q-Switched laser, in the right hands, effectively targets a wide range of superficial and deep pigmented lesions.  The system allows for very short pulses of light to pass harmlessly through the top layers of your skin and to be “selectively” absorbed by the pigment. Let’s get fancy: the Q-Switched laser generates nanosecond pulses (a nanosecond is one billionth of a second) and picosecond pulses (a picosencond is one trillionth of a second), which are efficient at removing pigment and gentle on your skin.  

The StarWalker Q-Switched technology works through photoacoustic rather than photothermolytic effects.  Essentially, rather than heat, the laser creates soundwaves which mechanically break up the brown and black pigment into tiny particles. The particles are then removed by your body’s own immune system as the skin’s macrophages clear the excess pigment from the treated area.

The StarWalker difference for a Youthful Appearance

There are multiple approaches available in the world of lasers to erase unwanted pigment but few can offer smooth, radiant and blemish-free skin with such a high safety profile and minimal downtime. Isn’t the best performance with the least social downtime ideal for you?

Treatments are fast, safe and comfortable. The versatility of the system allows us to adapt the energy and laser wavelengths to suit your specific skin type. It is essentially a wizard amongst lasers that can be highly customized to target your specific skin concerns and deliver remarkable outcomes. Your youthful glow and blemish-free skin awaits.

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