Stretch Marks

Stretch marks (striae) form when the middle layer of skin, the dermis, is overstretched. Consequently, the normal production of collagen is interrupted and damaged causing parallel cracks in the skin. Initially the scarring is filled with red blood vessels and eventually fade to a silvery hue.vb_perfecta_logo

They most commonly appear during or after pregnancy, after a sudden change in weight or even with activities such as body building as the skin is stretched to accommodate muscle growth.

Vbeam™ Perfecta


Before and After Stretch Mark Treatment*

For Red Stretch Marks

The Vbeam Perfecta® is a pulsed dye laser. It is the gold standard for treating anything of a vascular nature such as red stretch marks.

The laser energy selectively targets the vascular lesions (red scarring) in the form of heat and energy causing them to be reabsorbed by the body.

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Fraxel® re:store

For faded stretch marks


Before and After Fraxel® res:store Treatment*

The Fraxel® re:store is a safe and effective treatment for improving the appearance of glossy stretch-marked skin that appears silver or white. It is a non-ablative procedure, meaning no skin is removed and there is no wound created by the laser.

The Fraxel® re:store laser precisely treats thousands of microscopic areas of the skin, using pinpoint laser beams that penetrate beneath the skin’s surface. This action stimulates the growth of new collagen and elastic fibers to ‘plump’ the skin and fill in the stretch marks from below the skin’s surface.

The result: improved elasticity, texture and tone.

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*These photos are provided for informative purposes and are not a guarantee of the result.

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