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The key areas championed for their rejuvenation effects are the forehead, glabella, and crow’s feet. Yet, as the cosmetic indications of Botox have greatly evolved, discussions around numerous other areas have emerged pointing to an expansive map of Botox treatments for the face. These include regions such as the chin, the upper lip, lower eyelid and even neck bands. However, if you are researching the topic of Botox treatments in Montreal, the true magic of Botox  isn’t merely in the areas treated.

The artistry, thus the result, lies in the hands of the injector. Where to get botox injections  becomes less about geography and more about know-how. Opting for a skilled injector ensures that your face is treated with the expertise it deserves.  

Three photos demonstrating the expression lines caused by growing, squinting and raising one’s eyebrows.

Where do you put Botox to look younger?

For a more youthful and vibrant appearance,  you want to treat the lines/wrinkles that convey fatigue or worry. They all reside in the upper face:

  • the horizontal forehead lines: the lines that run horizontally along your forehead 
  • the frown lines/glabella: the line or lines that appear in between your brows
  • the crow’s feet: the lines that radiate outward from the corner of your eye

Since youthfulness is synonymous with smooth skin, reducing any textural irregularity like fine lines or wrinkles takes years off your appearance.

How long do 3 areas of Botox last?

The general timeline is between 3 to 4 months, though individual responses vary. The areas where Botox wears off the fastest  include those with more frequent muscular activity, like around the mouth or the forehead.

5 factors that impact how long Botox lasts?

  1. Individual Metabolism: age, health, and metabolism speed affect longevity.
  2. Muscle Strength and Activity: stronger, active muscles metabolize Botox faster.
  3. Dosage and Technique: amount and placement influence longevity.
  4. Frequency of Treatments: regular treatments can extend the result.
  5. External Factors: UV exposure and lifestyle impacts results.

Where does Botox work the fastest? 

Typically, Botox tends to work the fastest in areas with thinner muscles. You may notice that the effect “kicks in” faster in the outer eye/crow’s feet area compared to the areas like the glabella which have larger and thicker muscles. There is no hard and fast rule however and it is always best to plan your treatment at least 10-14 days before you desire your results to settle in.

How much does 3 areas of Botox cost? 

Factors Influencing Botox Cost   

The cost of the BOTOX® Cosmetic injections varies based on:

  • The healthcare provider’s experience & credentials
  • The geographical location  
  • The Botox cost per unit
  • Muscle strength and size
  • The areas you are treating
  • Your desired result (very natural/subtle vs the most effective at smoothing out wrinkles)

Average cost of Botox per Area 

Averages are just that. The following list will give you a better idea of what to expect but more/less specialized expertise may impact these investments.

  1. Horizontal Forehead lines $ 250 – $350
  2. Frown lines/Glabella $300 – $ 600
  3. Crow’s feet: $250 – $450

Where is the best area to get Botox?

Undoubtedly, the best place to get Botox on your face is where you appear aged due to expression lines or wrinkles.As mentioned, theglabella, crow’s feet, and the forehead lines are typically the most popular. There is more to the story though.

Botox can enhance your appearance in many different ways.   Here are some examples where Botox can further rejuvenate your look by lifting, creating a smoothing effect, or enhancing facial contours:

  • Bunny Lines: smooth out nose wrinkles
  • Perioral Lines (Smoker’s Lines): soften the wrinkles around the mouth
  • Mentalis (Chin) Area: smooth out the chin and reduce dimpling
  • Masseter Muscle : create a more oval jawline
  • Platysmal Bands: lesson the appearance of neck bands
  • Under-eye: reduce lower eyelid wrinkles 
  • Eyebrow Lift: open the eyes by creating  a subtle lift of the brows
  • Nasal Flare: lesson the flare of the nostrils
  • The depressor Anguli Oris: reduce the downward frown from the corners of the mouth
A close up of a patient at PEAU having a Botox injection in the chin area.

Prioritize Expertise for the Best Botox Result

Here is the best advice. Don’t think about what the most popular place to get Botox is.  Consider, rather, how a true artist can  truly tailor the treatment to your facial features to enhance your natural beauty.

Call 514-989-7328 to schedule a consultation with cosmetic dermatologist Manish Khanna, MD FRCPC so you can turn back the clock on skin aging.

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