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Lose fat with zero interruptions to your daily life

Living a healthy lifestyle and exercising may not be getting you to where you want to be. Why settle for fitting a little better in your clothes? Better still would be to fit into your dream outfits without uncomfortable stubborn bulges making you feel self-conscious. You could be like the 7 million people (the number is quickly rising) who have turned to CoolSculpting® to deal with “trouble areas” that resist even the most dedicated diets and gym regiments. You have your confidence to gain and nothing to lose except for stubborn fat.

Here’s how it works for you. CoolSculpting®, developed by Harvard scientists, specifically targets your troublesome areas by gently cooling unwanted fat cells. This cleverly triggers “cryolipolysis” and your body responds to this the way it naturally does, by gradually eliminating these fat cells and reducing the thickness of the fat layer in the area you treat. It’s not magic, even though it can feel that way. It works on top of what you’re already doing to sculpt your body and give you the edge that makes all the difference in the world.

Starts $600
per area
1 – 5 hours
1 – 3 months
(if a second treatment is recommended)

Going from excellent to incredible

So CoolSculpting® can work incredibly well for you. You can be one of our patients whose results speak for themselves. But after years of offering CoolSculpting® a new question automatically arose: Is there a way to enhance this treatment for you to have more noticeable results? Absolutely, by using  ZWavePro.

What ZWavePro does is transmit subsonic vibrations directly where your  fat is being treated. This increases blood flow and helps to increase the metabolic rate. Higher metabolism means faster fat cell elimination. This process essentially boosts the effectiveness of your CoolSculpting® treatment. Combining both treatments allows us to give you better results than with just CoolSculpting® alone.

The best option is to combine CoolSculpting® with ZWavePro.  in the same session. After a CoolSculpting® treatment, we perform a manual massage of the treated area to initiate the breakdown of fat cells.  We then use  ZWavePro to more effectively break up the fat cells and provide a more uniform massage. This technique has been shown through studies to almost double the percentage of fat absorption and also to allow your results to be seen significantly faster.

Your free assessment  – nothing to lose except unwanted fat

As it takes up to three months to see final results, you’ll want to schedule a free in-house assessment with our experts. It will be during this consultation that we’ll be able to determine if this treatment is your best option or if another treatment is optimal for you.

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Through this consultation, we decide together what you will need to reveal your natural beauty.

We make sure to clearly understand your desires. In this way, we can use our professional experience to choose the best treatment for you. You are unique, and we tailor our advice accordingly.