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Correct textural depressions for lasting improvement  

If you have facial atrophic acne scars, meaning you have indented skin as a result of having had acne, the textural irregularities could be bothersome.  There are many approaches available to improve these depressions and you may be conflicted, as many people are, in terms of what the optimal plan is for achieving smoother skin.  Most likely you have different types of scarring and so a tailored approach which includes more than one category of treatment will be presented to you by someone who has a vast range of the most advanced options at their disposal.

Bellafill®, a semi-permanent collagen-based filler, can be injected beneath the skin to smooth out atrophic scarring.  It works by adding volume below the scar to lift it to the level of the surrounding skin, thus creating more even-feeling and even-looking skin.

Starts at $1500
15-30 minutes
A few days
3 months

Bellafill® works in conjunction with your body’s natural response

As Bellafill® is injected just under the dermis, its effects are twofold. First, the product which is formulated with microspeheres of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) provides a subtle plumping of the skin for textural improvement. Second, it stimulates a boost in your own natural collagen production. This happens because after the initial collagen gel has been absorbed by your body, the microspheres remain to encourage your body to make its own tissue to replace volume and create a natural-looking plumping effect.

As compared to temporary hyaluronic dermal fillers which could also provide improvement in texture, Bellafill® offers longer correction as it can last up to five years.  However, because it is not hyaluronic-acid based, it cannot be dissolved. Further, as Bellafill® contains bovine collagen, a skin test is performed prior to undergoing a  treatment to rule out allergy.

Placement and precision are key

As with all injectable treatments, meticulous placement of the product via the injection technique is critical for safety as well as aesthetic outcomes.  The precise depth is critical as the microspeheres must be surrounded by your existing collagen for success.  Overly injecting product as well as injecting too superficially are also  detrimental to the result. The right amount at the ideal depth leads to natural-looking results.  

Considering the complexity of the technique and permanency of the product, finding an experienced provider is especially important. When done by the hands of a skilled specialist the treatments are successful. Hence, Bellafill® injections are carried out by surgical Dermatologist Manish Khanna, MD FRCPC. Call 514-989-7328 to schedule a consultation to improve the texture of your skin.

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