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It’s best you work out from an early age and develop a healthy lifestyle to have the best odds. It’s wise to eat well and feed your body intelligently so that your various systems and organs work optimally.

Your skin is no different.

As you largest organ, your skin serves various functions. The skin on your face is the most susceptible to accelerated aging because it is exposed to the harmful effects of the sun as well as other environmental stressors. Just compare the skin on your backside to the skin on your face.

The question is: would you like to win the “skin race” slow and steady or rush to turn back the hands of time when you are already noticing significant skin aging signs? Prevention and early correction are key.

Consider this.

Taking care of your skin earlier on is like going to the gym in your teens (and continuing!) as opposed to waiting until you are out of shape or have minimal strength, endurance or flexibility.

The very first signs of skin aging

Sun Spots/Irregular Pigment

Lifestyle and environmental factors can make you appear older than you are. Just 5-10 minutes of sun exposure a day can damage your skin. Be aware, irregular pigment means your skin cells are not functioning optimally.

Dull Skin

You can lose radiance as early as your twenties because of the rate at which cells rejuvenate (turn over) slows down. That means you need help to retain that healthy glow.

Wrinkles & Fine Lines

The wrinkles you may notice the most, depending on how expressive you are, are probably around the eyes, the forehead of in between your eyebrows. If these “expression lines” are bothersome, there is a quick remedy.

Don’t regret not taking the first step

The reality is that the earlier you develop good skin habits and take steps to prevent premature skin aging and external aging, the more youthful your appearance will be.

Be smart about your skin, you’ll wear it for the rest of your life.

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