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Say goodbye to waxing, shaving and plucking

Ladies, you are ready to go out. And you have to change your sleeveless top or dry shave your underarms in a hurry. Gentleman, you’re tired of back or chest hair and would like to stop having to groom it for good – especially before your hair turns white. Do you know how much time you would save if that hair was gone? It’s actually hundreds of hours over your adult life. Feel free to do the math. You waste so much time getting rid of hair the slow way.

Your hair troubles can be over with our high-speed laser hair removal treatments.  We offer you two safe and effective medical-grade lasers to ensure your comfort and safety. We target your hair follicle with a laser beam and destroying it, it’s that straightforward. Without the follicle, your hair cannot regrow. It’s gone for good. Exciting, isn’t it?

Starts at $50
15 minutes – 2 hours
4 – 8 week
(minimum of 6 sessions)

You should only trust actual experts with permanent treatments

Who carries out your treatment, what laser is used on you, and what laser “energies” are chosen all matter when it comes to the success of your treatments. Assuming the service you will receive is the same across clinics is a gamble. Your laser hair removal specialist at PEAU has decades of experience and has one goal: to provide you with the best results with the laser system that is best suited to your skin tone.

Your laser specialist will also advise what the best interval for your treatments is depending on the area you want bared. Because laser hair removal works by targeting hair in its active growth stage, multiple sessions are necessary in order to treat all of the follicles. Not all your hair follicles are actively growing at one given moment, that is why you need multiple sessions at specific intervals.   

Your hair battles end now

Stop spending time on temporary forms of hair removal and that require continuous attention. Worrying about clothing choices, being swimsuit-ready or scheduling waxing appointments for decades to come can be a thing of the past. The earlier you do it, the sooner you will be liberated. Many people know they’ll eventually get laser hair removal but wait years before scheduling it. Don’t procrastinate. Enjoy your hair-free body now, not later.

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We make sure to clearly understand your desires. In this way, we can use our professional experience to choose the best treatment for you. You are unique, and we tailor our advice accordingly.