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Your daily battle with excessive underarm sweat ends now

Struggling with underarm sweat interferes with many aspects of your life. You are not alone. Axillary hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating from the underarms, is a discouraging condition and can cause you worry or embarrassment as it does millions of Canadians. The great news is that your worries, sweat stains and struggles can be a thing of the past. The miraDry® treatment offers you a new life and a renewed confidence.

There are no other solutions to get rid of underarm sweat without surgery and with zero (or very little) downtime. What’s more, miraDry® is a solution that works for the long-term.  Contrary to BOTOX® injections, which you have to repeat about every 6 months, miraDry® is long-lasting because it irreversibly destroys sweat glands. Since these glands do not regenerate or grow back you can finally be liberated from sweat ruling your life.

It’s more than just sweat reduction

If you are coping with underarm sweat than you are probably also concerned with sour odors.  Axillary osmidrosis (a foul odor due to a water-rich environment that supports bacteria) has not had a successful, non-surgical approach to treatment until now.  miraDry® is the only device that can significantly reduce sweat-related odors. By reducing your sweating, miraDry® helps reduce odor by impairing the environment in which related bacteria thrive.  miraDry® targets both eccrine (normal sweat) and apocrine (“smelly” sweat) glands. As sweat glands do not regenerate, the results have proven to be significant and long-lasting.

A life-changing treatment

If you would like to dramatically improve the quality of your life and release yourself from the persistent daily worries that excessive sweating entails, join the hundreds of patients who have had miraDry® at our clinic and have confirmed that this was the best decision they had ever made.

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