Fat (Unwanted)

Non-surgical fat reduction without downtime

If you are unhappy with your waistline in general, or specifically your abdomen or love handles, we have the most sophisticated, non-surgical technology to help you reduce stubborn or unwanted fat bulges.

Once we have assessed the area you wish to address we can provide you with a personalized treatment plan which could involve one of or a combination of the following Health Canada- approved technologies.

Since we have a wide of technology, we can address larger, more generalized areas of unwanted fat (i.e., abdomen , lower or upper back) as well as more specific bulges such as arm fat, outer and inner thighs and love handles.



Before and After CoolSculpting® Treatment*

CoolSculpting® is ground-breaking technology that was developed by Harvard University scientists. The procedure works by gently and selectively cooling the fat cells in target area. This is a technique called cryolipolysis, which uses colder temperatures to help reduce layers of fat.

We are the pioneers of this treatment in Montreal and the province of Quebec.

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Vanquish has been labelled ‘a game changer’ by many physicians as it is provides a dramatic reduction in fat around the waistline without surgery. It is in fact a no contact device that delivers radiofrequency waves into the fat to melt it without pain.Vanquish-logo
A great advantage of Vanquish is that you can cover a large area such as the abdomen and the love handles simultaneously.

We are the pioneers of this technology in Montreal and the province of Quebec.

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Exilis Elite™


Before and After Exilis Elite™ Treatment*

Exilis Elite™ is a radio-frequency device that can address both stubborn fat and loose skin. By varying the depth of energy, in the form of heat, we can tailor the treatments to specifically treat the concerns you wish to address.

It is a great body-contouring device for specific bulges almost anywhere on the body. It is the gold-standard for addressing both fat and laxity issues.

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*These photos are provided for informative purposes and are not a guarantee of the result.

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