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Sculpt your waistline without surgery

Living a healthy lifestyle and exercising alone can’t always give you the results you want. Your clothes probably feel a little tight around the mid-section or maybe they just don’t fit anymore.  Stubborn belly fat and love handle bulges are aggravating and get in the way of you feeling and looking as great as you could. 

Vanquish ME™ will give you the confidence you deserve by handling your waistline troubles as it specifically targets your mid-section and reduces the thickness of your fat layer. No incisions. No scars. No diets.

Starts at $500
per treatment
45 minutes
1 weeks

Your fat is gone for good

Vanquish ME™ works by delivering radio-frequency heat to target your “subcutaneous” layer of fat. That’s the fat you can pinch and need gone. The energy delivered causes “apoptosis” or fat cell death. Your body then gradually and naturally eliminates the cells reducing your fat layer. Once the fat is eliminated, it is gone for good. Your clothes fit better, feel better and look better on you.

No pain, just gain. Vanquish ME™ shrinks your waistline while offering you quick and comfortable treatments. The device hovers over your body without coming into contact with you. All you feel is warmth from the energy that is penetrating through your skin getting rid of your fat moment by moment.

Going from excellent to incredible

Vanquish ME™ is very effective on its own. But after mastering this process a new question arose: Is there a way to improve the results?  We can now using  ZWavePro.

ZWavePro transmits subsonic vibrations directly to where the fat is being treated. This speeds up the metabolic rate that breaks down the fat cells. This process essentially boosts the effectiveness of your Vanquish ME™ treatment. Combining both treatments allows us to give you better results than with just Vanqush ME™ alone.

As it takes up to three months to see final results, you’ll want to schedule a free in-house assessment with our experts.

It will be during this consultation that we’ll be able to determine if this treatment is your best option or if another treatment is optimal for you.

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Through this consultation, we decide together what you will need to reveal your natural beauty.

We make sure to clearly understand your desires. In this way, we can use our professional experience to choose the best treatment for you. You are unique, and we tailor our advice accordingly.