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The generally accepted answer is 3-4 months with some patients experiencing a shorter range and others noticing results maintained up to 6 months. 

Whether you have already had the procedure or are looking into a Botox treatment in Montreal, let’s first understand what Botox is. 

  • Botulinum toxin is created by fermentation of the bacteria Clostridium botulinum
  • There are 7 serotypes (variations) of Botulinum toxin. 
  • Botulinum toxin types A and B are used for cosmetic purposes
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic is a brand name of botulinum Toxin Type A
A close up Dr. Manish Khanna in a treatment room at clinic PEAU, injecting a patient with Botox into the glabellar region.

Botox is a neurotoxin that when injected, disrupts the nerve signaling process that stimulates muscle contraction. The toxin has several medical applications. In this case, we are discussing the longevity of the use of botox for cosmetic purposes such as:

  • treating dynamic wrinkles
  • smoothing out the forehead and frown lines
  • softening the crow’s feet
  • reducing the lines around the mouth
  • providing a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance

Since Botox in Montreal has a cost between $400-$800 on average, you’ll want to protect your investment.

Why is my BOTOX wearing off so fast?

Some of the most common reasons Botox wears off after 1 or 2 months are: 

  1. an insufficient dose: this can be corrected by adding more units to the treatment area
  2. inaccurate needle placement: this can be corrected by choosing an injector with a profound knowledge of the anatomy/muscle fibers to optimize injection technique
  3. stronger and larger muscles in the area treated: you may have to reduce interval to 3 months
  4. fast metabolism: some people have a faster metabolic rate which leads to quicker processing and elimination of Botox from the body.
  5. dilution: the concentration in which botox is diluted can impact its duration of effect. An overly diluted solution will not last as long. 
  6. improper storage: the efficacy of botox can be compromised if improperly stored/refrigerated

As you can gather, the possible answers to why you may find your Botox wears off after 6-8 weeks are many. The best you can do is find a trusted and experienced injector operating in an established medical facility with a proven track record. 

What happens when BOTOX wears off

Whether your Botox has worn off after 6 weeks (earlier than anticipated), or closer to the typical 3-4 month mark, here is what to expect.

Return of wrinkles

If you’re wondering what happens to your face after your botox wears off, the answer is that you return to your baseline. Basically, the wrinkles that were previously visible will reappear. They do not become worse than before. 

Resumed muscle activity

Typically after 3-6 months post-injection, your muscle activity will return as they will regain their ability to contract and move. 

Natural aging Resumes

As you continue to age and express yourself with facial muscles (frowning, squinting, smiling, raising your  eyebrows) the dynamic lines will become more prominent when your face is relaxed. Hence the term “expression lines”.

No Accelerated Aging

Stopping treatments doesn’t cause you to age faster. You simply cease to have the anti-aging benefit of smoothing out of the skin in the areas treated. 

What’s important to understand is that if your intention is to enjoy the benefits long-term, waiting too long or returning to baseline for several months is almost like starting over. It’s best to have treatments at the recommended interval so you are not always “correcting” the wrinkles but rather “preventing” them.

How can I speed up BOTOX wearing off

Yes, there are individuals who say “I want my Botox to wear off”. 


  • They may not like the result because of the way it makes them feel due to the reduced muscle movement. 
  • They may also dislike the result because of the injecting technique or simply because they want their natural movement back.  If you dislike the result, please go back to visit your injector as there are adjustments that can be easily made to enhance the initial outcome. 

Patience is your best friend as Botox effects are temporary and the effects will naturally wear off. There are no proven methods that guarantee expediting of the effect. There are anecdotal/debatable theories regarding strategies one can attempt to speed up the process such as engaging in facial exercises, intense exercise or massaging the area. Some claim that heat applied to the area makes botox wear off faster. Again, there is no scientific backing to support these techniques. Waiting it out is your best bet.

Expertise Increases Success

Entrusting Botox treatments to an expert dermatologist increases precision in injection techniques, vital for optimal results. Their specialized training ensures best practices overall, giving you confidence in its lasting effects.  

Call 514-989-7328 to schedule a consultation with Manish Khanna, MD FRCPC, to ensure you’re benefiting from the pinnacle of skill and expertise in the field.

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