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The cost of Botox varies greatly depending on the number of areas you have treated, the number of units required to effectively treat each area, as well as the credentials/expertise of the injector. The geographical location could also impact your investment. If you are looking into a Botox treatment in Montreal, here is an idea of what you would spend per area.

Botox Montreal Cost

  • Forehead lines $ 250 – $350
  • Frown lines $300 – $600
  • Crow’s feet: $250 – $450
  • Masseter: $600-$900
  • Around the mouth: $250-$300
  • Lower lid: $250-$300

These ranges are the most simplified version of a Botox price list as it gives you a more precise idea of what to expect. The average cost of Botox per unit could be between $12-$18 depending on the credentials and expertise of the injector. 

How do you calculate the cost of Botox?

Typically, injectors have a Botox cost per unit which they multiply by the number of units to calculate the total. There are two reasons for the ranges provided above.

  1. The number of units or the “dosage” varies from person to person. The higher the dosage, the higher the investment.
  2. The cost per unit varies from injector to injector. The more experienced and specialized the provider, the higher the cost. 

Botox Cost Forehead and Glabella

Here are two examples to demonstrate how costs could vary depending on number of units and who is injecting:

Example A: a patient with very strong muscles underlying the forehead and glabella may require 37 or more units to achieve the desired result. If this person also chooses to be treated by a top injector, the cost per unit will be higher: 37 units  x 15/unit  = $555

Example B: a patient requires a very low dosage to treat the forehead and glabella because of the size and the strength of the underlying muscles. Her/his dose may be 25 units for optimal results. If this person has a treatment with an injector who charges closer to the lower range per unit, the overall treatment will cost less: 25 units x 12/unit = $300

Remember, the appropriate dosage is crucial as under treating will not provide the expected improvement and will lead to unsatisfactory results. Optimizing dosage is a skill that comes with years of experience.

A close up of a female patient’s forehead being supported by Dr. Khanna with one hand as he injects Botox into her forehead.

How much does the average person spend on Botox?

The average treatment ranges between $500-$800. The average patient is middle-aged and is an ideal candidate to treat the 3 most common areas: the forehead lines, the glabella (frown lines) and the crow’s feet. 

If you are wondering how much you should spend on your Botox treatment, consider the following questions:

  1. What are your desired results? 
  2. Are you prioritizing expertise of the injector?
  3. What is your budget/investment capability? 

Once you have a clear objective you can research an injector based on what you are prioritizing.

Let’s say you have chosen a provider based on research, reviews and referral. Here are three scenarios of what an average treatment would look like:

Patient A: 

  • Areas treated and units per area:  forehead 5 units , frown lines 31 units, and crow’s feet 24 units
  • Total number of units: 60
  • Investment: $900 ($15/unit)

Patient B:

  • Areas treated and units per area:  forehead 6 units , frown lines 25 units, and crow’s feet 20 units
  • Total number of units: 51
  • Investment: $765 ($15/unit)

Patient C:

  • Areas treated and units per area:  forehead 4 units , frown lines 20 units, and crow’s feet 16 units
  • Total number of units: 40
  • Investment: $600 ($15/unit)

In the last example, Patient C, 40 units of BOTOX cost the patient $600 as compared to Patient A and Patient B because that is the appropriate dosage to achieve the smoothing of skin and a natural, more youthful appearance.

Ultimately, if you are happy with your results, you look refreshed and don’t have any asymmetries due to the treatment, that is the end game. You have to feel good about your choices after all. If you are unhappy with the results of your procedure, schedule a follow-up visit as there may be some necessary tweaking or adjustments to optimize the result. 

How do I know how much Botox to get?

How much Botox is required for you to achieve an enhanced appearance is best answered by a skilled injector who has administered thousands of injections.  Once you have found someone you trust and whose only objective is to provide you with the most natural-looking, rejuvenated version of yourself you know you are in great hands. 

Ultimately, the goal is for you to:

  • Look more youthful and refreshed
  • Feel more confident about yourself
  • Trust your injector and his/her opinion

 That’s the checklist for you. It seems simple yet finding the right person for you requires some commitment on your part. 

Too much or too little Botox

You may find yourself displeased with your results for a number of reasons which could range from proper placement/injection site or the dilution of the product. 

You could also have an insufficient dose, meaning the dose was too low to accomplish the desired goal to relax the muscles. Insufficient dosing could be related to the skill of the injector or the false promises to treat multiple areas at a low cost. You may find your Botox wearing off after a month or two if you have received too little.

Overdosing or excessive dosing also leads to dissatisfaction. It could result in an unnatural-looking appearance. The “frozen” look that is all too commonly seen in the media, is a result most people dread.  

Invest in Yourself

Consider that the average person has Botox injections 2-3 times a year. The extra cost for choosing expertise is not high and will ensure that your concerns regarding costs and dosage are addressed and alleviated. 

Seek guidance from Dr. Manish Khanna, MD FRCPC, a true specialist. Marrying science with artistry, Dr. Khanna ensures you achieve a refreshed, natural look.  

Schedule a consultation at 514-989-7328 and let an expert refine your beauty.

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