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A highly qualified person to carry out your Botox injections is a board certified dermatologist who has been thoroughly trained in injecting techniques and has a wealth of experience.  Cosmetic dermatology is very different from general dermatology. Administering Botox is a medical act requiring a profound understanding of the intricate web of facial anatomy as well as an artistic act of enhancing one’s appearance. 

Are you considering a Botox treatment in Montreal? Finding the best Botox that Montreal offers requires some commitment. Let’s read on.

Is it good to get Botox from a Dermatologist?

Yes, it is. However, as stated, a cosmetic dermatologist has different training than a general dermatologist. A general dermatologist addresses various skin-related issues/conditions/diseases. A cosmetic dermatologist is a specialist with a particular focus on aesthetic enhancement and so their role necessitates specialized training. Most dermatologists in Montreal, for example, refer their patients who ask about Botox to top cosmetic dermatologists who practice medical aesthetics as a career.

How do I Choose Someone for Botox Injections?

If you begin your search with “Best BOTOX near me”, you are prioritizing geography over expertise. Rather, start your search by looking for a qualified and experienced injector. It is worth it to travel an extra 5-10 kilometers (or farther) for quality. Research cosmetic physicians, read reviews about patients’ experiences and definitely visit the website.  Essentially, you should be convinced by their on-line presence that you can trust them with your face. Since most patients have injections every 4 months, you’ll want to make sure the person is a right fit for you. It’s a long-term relationship after all. Apart from reviews that have been selected for you on their website, search out third party websites that have been created to offer potential patients like you a trusted platform where patients share real experiences. These reviews are authenticated and unbiased. Two such platforms are and  

A photo of Dr. Manish Khanna in a treatment room at Peau, injecting Botox into a patient’s forehead.

Does it matter who does Botox?

Yes, it matters. Botox treatments are medical acts. They may seem deceptively straightforward because of their popularity, but there are many factors that can determine how effective and how safe your treatment is. There is an intricate web of facial muscles, nerves and arteries below the surface of the skin. A comprehensive anatomical understanding of facial anatomy is crucial. 

Apart from knowledge of anatomy, experience is equally important. A specialist who has performed thousands of injections will have a better technique than someone with fewer patients/years under their belt. 

Success depends on:

  • the dosage: is the number of units too little, too much or just right
  • the sites of injection: has the BOTOX been injected into the right muscle at the right depth
  • the tailored approach: how well the treatment is personalized to your facial features. 
  • understanding anatomy:  knowing the function of facial muscles ensures safe and effective 

Minimizing risks related to Botox Injections

When you consider potential side effects or complications, the experience and skill of the injector play a significant role in minimizing these risks. By accurately targeting the right muscles and using appropriate doses, skilled professionals can significantly reduce potential complications.

Receiving Botox injections from someone who is not a skilled professional can pose various risks. 

The top five risks are:

  • Incorrect placement which may lead to temporary muscle paralysis, thus giving an uneven or unnatural appearance.
  • Using excessive units can cause prolonged muscle paralysis or other unforeseen complications.
  • Incorrect injection around the eye area can cause the eyelids or eyebrows to droop.
  • Incorrect dosage or placement can lead to one side of the face appearing different from the other.
  • Using non-sterile equipment or injecting impure Botox may result in allergic reactions or infections at the injection site.
5 media examples such as Clin d'œil, Châtelaine and Elle Québec where Dr. Manish Khanna and Peau clinic were featured.

Choosing a Board Certified Injector

There is no shortage of clinics offering Botox treatments. Credentials are always the N.1 factor when searching for who is best prepared to offer you a highly personalized approach with the highest standard of care. Prioritize a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist with a wealth of experience and comprehensive understanding of facial anatomy. Remember, Botox injections aren’t merely cosmetic enhancements; they’re intricate medical procedures requiring expertise and an artistic touch.

Whether you are considering Botox for the first time, are new to Montreal, or are simply exploring your options, schedule your consultation with Dr. Manish Khanna. With over 20 years of experience, who better to trust with your cosmetic needs. 

Call 514-989-7328 to schedule your appointment today.

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